The perfect office chair

Dr. PopaChiropractic, Ergonomics

Many patients ask me: “how should I seat in my chair” or “what is the perfect office chair?”.  Here are a few tips when choosing the right office chair or wanting to adjust your current one. Seat height: you need to make sure that your feet touch the floor, so you need to make sure that you adjust the height … Read More

Chiropractic adjustments. What are they?

Dr. PopaChiropractic

Getting adjusted… At times I have patients that come in and are scared of “being popped” or having their “neck twisted”.  “You are in the right place”, i tell them.  Why? Because getting adjusted should be the best thing in the world!  It shouldn’t be a traumatic event, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and for sure it shouldn’t be painful. There are … Read More